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For distribution opportunities and quotes on large volume buys of collapsible dams in bulk coils, end caps, curtains and caregiver swing rods. Contact: sales@ or call 781-422-2273

  • Caregiver Attendant Shower Curtain


    Stay dry, help prevent falls and reduce liability and maintenance for care providers. Caregiver attendant height + weighted shower curtain holds water in while providing safe access and care assist to bathers or bathing patients.

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  • Caregiver Pivoting & Telescopic Curtain Rod


    Telescopic Curtain Rod with mounting hardware only. Caregiver Curtain sold separately, or purchase the Caregiver Telescopic Rod and Caregiver Curtain as a complete kit.

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  • Caregiver Showering System Includes Telescopic/Pivoting Rod and Curtain


    Designed to shield caregiver attendant from water while allowing reachable access to assist bather. The shower rod telescopic feature allows rod to extend and pivots to allow the attendant clear access and easy bather transfers.

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  • Collapsible Shower Dam


    KR Specialties shower water stopper is a collapsible threshold water dam that helps prevent falls, and reduce facility liability and maintenance. The Collapsible Water Dams by KR Specialties Inc. is designed specifically for all types of barrier-free, curbless showers and is the ideal shower dam for water control.

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  • Collapsible Shower Dam With Endcaps And Free Shipping


    This special offer includes our most popular size of threshold dam (66") and your choice of end caps (radius or square) and everything SHIPS FREE!

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  • Complete Water Control Kit


    Everything you need to stop wet bathroom floors. Kit comes with a length of our patented collapsible water dam, a choice of finished end caps to complete a water tight seal, and a weighted shower curtain.

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  • Curtain Hooks


    KR Specialties offers high quality, clear plastic curtain hooks for the KR Specialties Weighted Shower Curtains and Caregiver Assist Shower Curtains.

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  • End Caps for Collapsible Shower Dam


    Seal the ends of our collapsible water dam with square or rounded end caps to provide a complete water tight installation.

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  • Weighted Shower Curtains with IMPACT Technology


    Our commercial grade weighted shower curtains are made with IMPACT™ technology. Flame-retardant and provides protection against splashing, stains, and bacteria.

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  • Xtra-Tall Weighted Shower Curtains


    Our Xtra-Tall (74 inches) weighted shower curtains are made for showers that require longer than normal shower curtains. Provides extra protection against splashing, and water leakage. Available with and without shower hooks.

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