Caregiver Pivoting & Telescoping Curtain Rod

Caregiver Attendant Telescoping/pivoting rod is available as a separate purchase. Stainless steel pivoting and telescopic shower rod with commercial grade heavy-duty Stainless-steel wall brackets. Allows easy access for bather entering and exiting shower.

Pivioting shower rod allows for easy entry and exit.

Stainless steel pivoting and telescoping shower curtain rod provides easy access to bather.

Designed to shield caregiver attendant from water while allowing reachable access to assist bather. The shower rod is constructed of 18 gauge stainless steel with telescopic feature allowing rod to extend to a range of 39 to 60 inches, and pivots to allow the attendant clear access and easy bather transfers from walker or wheelchair without removal.

Benefits for clinical healthcare professionals and home caregiver attendants include water protection, safe footing and easier reach to assist bather. Pivoting rod allows clear passage and easy patient transfers into the shower from wheelchairs, ceiling lifts or shower chairs. For use with barrier-free showers, see our collapsible dam and end cap products. Caregiver Curtain can be purchased separately or as part of complete Caregiver System.