Caregiver Attendant Shower Curtain

Benefits for clinical healthcare professionals and home caregiver attendants include water protection, safe footing and easier reach to assist bather. Caregiver height curtain works with universal shower rods. For a complete kit featuring pivoting telescopic swing rods that allow clear access for easy bather transfers, see our Caregiver Freedom Showering system below.

Caregiver Curtain keeps attendent dry while keeping water contained.

Stay dry, help prevent falls and reduce liability and maintenance for care providers.

Our caregiver attendant curtains are engineered specially for use in barrierfree, curbless and low threshold showers, equipped with heavy tape weights sewn in the bottom seam to keep the curtain from drifting beyond the water barrier. The curtain measures 33” in height and is hookless with an integral shower rod pocket allowing easy slide on slide off use for regular upkeep and sanitary washing. Material is made of a soft durable polyester fabric in standard color white, and is machine washable.

The optional (purchase separately or as part of a complete caregiver system) stainless steel pivoting & telescopic rod allows bathing attendants and caregivers easier access to transfer a resident or patient with an overhead lift or wheelchair into a bathing unit.  Safe unlimited access for bathers and caregivers in commercial healthcare & assisted senior care applications requiring ADA Code Compliance and fall risk reduction. Ideal for homecare applications.