Collapsible Shower Dam

Our patented collapsible shower dam is an easy, user-friendly solution for water containment on low threshold showers. No special tools required. Can be used on all types of shower base materials including; tile, terrazzo, fiberglass, acrylic or solid surface. KR Specialties offers 2 styles of end caps to complete the installation and provide an overall finished look. Product usually ships within 48 hours upon receipt of order.

Installed collapsible shower dam prevents slips in the bathroom

Made in USA. US patent (#7.0055,188). Rated highest quality and most reliable since 2004

Our collapsible shower dam is designed specifically as a solution to water spillage in all types of curbless/barrier-free & ADA showers including Acrylic and Fiberglass.

Control Water spillage with KR-Specialties Collapsible dams (also referred to as a water retainer or water stopper), help prevent falls and reduce facility liability and maintenance. Developed and patented specifically for all types of barrier-free curbless shower units, which require water control. White in color, tall 1 inch height, our water dam collapses easily by foot or wheelchair. Durable and easy to clean. Strong, water-resistant, self-adhesive tape eliminates messy adhesives. Highly effective water stopper for barrier-free showers with long radius corners. Apply vertically up the wall to assist the curtain in the corners to provide the best way to contain water in an ADA shower. US Lab certified meets all antibacterial requirements of Healthcare facilities.

Patented features include a recessed channel housing commercial grade 3M self-adhesive tape for easy peel and stick installations on alcohol cleaned surfaces. The outer edge design provides a flexible gravity seal which allows the dam to flex while eliminating the need for hard to clean caulking.