Premium Xtra-Tall Weighted Shower Curtains

Our Xtra-Tall (74 inches) weighted shower curtains are made for showers that require longer than normal shower curtains. Provides extra protection against splashing, and water leakage. Available with and without shower hooks.

Tape Weights help keep the curtain inside the shower dam

Xtra-Tall (74 inches) Premium weighted shower curtains provide water control performance

Our premium residential curtains provide the same water control performance as our commercial curtains less the IMPACT technology. Engineered specially for use in barrierfree, curbless and low threshold showers, equipped with heavy tape weights sewn in the bottom seam to keep the curtain from drifting beyond the water barrier. The Xtra-Tall curtains are 74” in height, a full 2 inches taller than standard curtains providing additional head clearance. Material is soft durable polyester fabric in standard color white, machine washable with or without a dozen durable curtain hooks in clear translucent finish.