End Caps for Collapsible Shower Dam

Easy, user-friendly solution for water containment on low threshold showers. No special tools required. Can be used on all types of shower base materials including; tile, terrazzo, fiberglass, acrylic or solid surface. KR Specialties offers 2 styles of end caps to complete the installation and provide an overall finished look. Product usually ships within 48 hours upon receipt of order.

Made in USA. US patent (#7.0055,188). in 2004 Rated highest quality and most reliable since 2004

Round or Square Ends Cap Complete the Water-tight seal

KR Specialties offers 2 styles of end caps to provide a tight sanitary water seal on the cut ends of the water dam with a finished overall look. For showers with curved corners we recommend of signature round caps to prevent water spilling onto the bathroom floor while shower is in use. The KR dam is the only product available on the market capable designed for commercial showers with curved corner radius to provide a continuous water barrier spanning horizontal to vertical on curved corners where water cascades and escapes onto the bathroom floor. The only design that cradles square curtains of curved corners. Paired with a KR light polyester curtain with heavy tape weights designed specifically for ADA barrier free showers, maximizes safety and reduces risk to bathers and care attendants.

Curtain Hooks for Our Weighted Shower Curtains

Superior construction for heavy duty use

KR curtain hooks are made of durable heavy duty plastic with a clear translucent finish.