Designed and patented as the 1st collapsible dam, all design decisions including height of the dam was influenced by the healthcare experts we interact daily over the past 30 years.  Our parent company, The K Ross Company, has a long and establish track record working directly with healthcare architects, engineers to bring to market accessible shower products for healthcare and senior living industry who design ADA and non-ADA shower environments to maximize safety and limit risk.  Rehab hospital discharge planers, physical and occupational therapist are trained to consider short vs. long term mobility.  Removing or limiting barriers and tripping hazards is a top priority by the CDC to prevent falls for patents and healthcare workers.  If their must be a dam, experts agree it shall be as low as possible yet effective.  When paired with a curtain with heavy tape weights sewn in bottom seam holding the curtain to the floor, the outcomes are a safer entry and exit into the shower by both ambulatory and shower chair users.